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Fastest Shipping Options and the Policy About Order Delivery

Want to get abortion pills quickly to your address? Then consider ordering from our healthcare store. We make an abortion pill purchase easy like a piece of cake. Because of a transparent and simple shipping policy, you can choose between Overnight Shipping and Express Shipping depending on where you seek the product at. We add no hidden costs and everything is stated upfront. While we have a few promises to ensure safe and fast shipping, there are some norms and criteria for the shipping as well. Know everything in detail about the shipping options for abortion pill online from our outlet and the policies for it.

1.  Overnight Shipping Delivery

If you wish to experience the fastest shipping, then choose the Overnight Shipping Delivery option. However, this facility is only available within the United States. So, if you buy abortion pills online USA, you can avail this opportunity. The shipping is from the U.S. to the U.S. and takes around 2 to 3 days to make the delivery to your doorstep. It is a good choice if you need the pills at the earliest. Usually, women close to the 9th week of pregnancy can make the most of this service. Because even if they order the pills in the 8th week, they can get fast delivery on time and still undergo a medical abortion at home.

2.  Express Shipping Delivery

Another facility is express shipping delivery available to all who buy abortion pills online from our store. Here, the delivery is done within 4 to 8 working days. The option is for shipping overseas and even those staying in the United States can opt for it if they are fine with waiting for these many days for medication. Express shipping is like our standard shipping system. It is expedited in its own way but consumes a few more days than Overnight Shipping Delivery.

Those staying outside the U.S. will get the option of Express Shipping Delivery only as Overnight Shipping is limited to within the circle of the United States. However, in this delivery timeline, we ensure to do our best to reach the products to you as soon as possible. The time taken will purely depend on your address and the general time calculated by the courier/mail service to send you the products.

Some of the Benefits of Shipping Service from Our Store

Here is what you can look forward to when you make an abortion pill purchase from us:

1.  Privacy, Respect, and Discreet Packing

We love to care for you. Thus, our basic mantra is all about your privacy and respect. Right from secured browsing and payment to protocols in place to disallow infringement of sensitive data, we also continue respecting your choice and decision by promising discreet packaging for the products. It does not matter which shipping method you opt for. We will ship all the pills in a cleanly packed package, which does not reveal the name of the medicine and the contents in it.

2.  Professional Handling and Delivery on Time

We have professional handlers for the medicine package. Thus, the package reaches you in good condition every time. Also, we promise to deliver on time. These two features have so far helped us build a relationship of trust between our store and the customers. Every product is shipped within 24 hours from the booking and payment confirmation time. Be it overnight or express shipping, you will get a tracking code and order details on your registered email id. Use these details to keep a check on how far the shipment is.

Shipping Policy Rules for the Orders Placed

Here are some of the rules of our shipping policy to keep in mind:

·        You get to choose between the shipping methods available depending on the address. Orders once processed or shipped cannot be considered for refund or cancellation.

·        Do enter the correct shipping address and billing address. Because we are not liable for non-receipt of the pills if the address is inaccurate. The same goes for if no one is available at the given address to acknowledge and accept the medication package.

·        Do remember that orders placed on a Saturday will be dispatched on the next business/working day. So, if there is a public holiday in between, we can ship the pills only on the business day.

·        We can only ship the order once you complete the payment for the order requested. We will send you the payment instructions to your registered email address upon receiving the order request. Follow it to complete the payment and then we will send you an order confirmation.

·        If the pills come back to our store due to the wrong address or unavailability of the customer, and you may need the pills still, then you have to pay the re-shipping charges, at the same time make sure the shipping address you provide us is correct.

To Conclude

While the shipping service is the fastest at our store for abortion pills, keep the shipping policy in mind as well to derive the maximum benefits on your order.

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Privacy with Abortion Pill is Better Compared to its Alternatives

The first step in opting for pregnancy termination is to decide if you want to take pills or undergo surgery. Medication abortions are safer, and they are also more effective than surgical procedures. You can still get an early abortion if you use medication. And when we talk about abortion and privacy, the medication method is better. This is because you can take the pills at home by yourself. There is no need to get admitted to a hospital. Also, you do not require invasive treatment.

In this post, we will discuss privacy during a medical abortion, why it is a more feasible and personal experience than surgical termination, and how to ensure privacy when ending your unplanned pregnancy.

How to Ensure Privacy When Taking Abortion Pills?

You will need to do some things differently when you choose an early medical abortion.

·        Take the abortion pills in a certain order. Mifepristone 200mg orally with water on day 1. It is as private as it can get because you do not need anyone’s help for consuming the pill. Then 24 to 48 hours later, use Misoprostol 200mcg x 4 pills buccally or vaginally as per instruction.

·        And get the pregnancy ended as the endometrial lining sheds. The fetus comes off the womb wall as well as the cervix widens. The uterine contractions expel the products of conception from the uterus in 24 to 72 hours.

·        Take them at home, if possible, but make sure that there are no interruptions in between doses (for example, if someone calls while taking one). If this isn't possible, go out into public as little as possible until after taking all three pills (this could mean sitting on a bench instead of standing).

How to Know the Abortion Pill Done in Privacy Good for You?

Your doctor will be able to provide more information about what's involved in the earliest stage of medical pregnancy termination. After consent from your physician, you can buy abortion pills online or it is also a good idea to ask questions online or speak with other women who have had the procedure before. It is possible to get an early abortion with medication because it doesn't always require surgery—a procedure that requires anesthesia and risks complications such as infection or even death.

In fact, many women choose medical abortion as their first choice because they want more control over how they experience their bodies during this process than with other types of abortions (such as surgical). Rather abortion pills are a safe and effective way to end your pregnancy. With medication, you can get an early abortion without the cramping, bleeding, and pain of standard procedures.

For the vast majority of women, the difference between a medication abortion and a surgical procedure is simply the length of time it takes to complete: You can buy abortion pills and take them the same day of receiving the product. But in the invasive process, you have to book several appointments, visit a clinic, and complete certain formalities before getting to the termination of pregnancy.

Why Does Medical Abortion indicate Privacy than Surgical Abortion?

Invasive abortions are done by inserting surgical instruments into the uterus and removing fetal tissue from inside it before releasing it from your body. This can happen at any time during pregnancy up until about 20 weeks after conception. But it usually occurs between 12-16 weeks into gestation depending on how far along you are in terms of development when compared with other similar pregnancies' gestational ages.

Surgical procedures for both types require anesthesia. However, there is no guarantee that this will be necessary for everyone due to differences in anatomy between individuals' bodies so some people may find themselves having more discomfort than others during their procedures.

Medical abortions, also known as medication abortion, use pills or hormones to end the pregnancy. You take a pill at home and then follow up with an ultrasound to see if the pill has worked in your body. In most cases, you can get a medical abortion within nine weeks of starting your period (about two weeks after ovulation).

To Conclude

Medical abortion is an effective and safe method of ending a pregnancy. If you need to, you can do so at home in complete privacy.

Monday, 27 February 2023

Pills that work like Generic ru486 for abortion

With medical abortion facilities, women find it much easier to end an unplanned pregnancy. This is so because you can buy Mifepristone online, and get it delivered to your doorstep. Secondly, it is possible to follow the healthcare provider’s advice and self-administer the medicine. And there is complete privacy throughout the entire process. You do not have to get hospitalized. So, there is no need to fear anesthesia. You can stay conscious and monitor the effects of pregnancy termination without feeling stressed about your safety and security.

But as much as you have heard about the Mifepristone abortion pill, do you know there are variants available? Yes, other medicines as potent as anti-progesterone can equally terminate the pregnancy. It is just the difference of brand but not the primary components. Also, these medications are effective in the first trimester and able to stop pregnancy like Mifepristone. Do you think it is impossible? Let us run you through the details of one such product – Generic RU486.

What are Generic RU486 And Mifepristone for Abortion?

Both medicine names are popular. Women can use any of these products for their unexpected pregnancy. So, for termination of early pregnancy, you can obtain any of these medications and expect the same results. The anti-progesterone activity lets the implanted pregnancy portions separate from the uterus wall. The endometrial lining sheds and brings the pregnancy to a stop. This is the basic function of these medicines. And depending on the advice slip provided by your physician, you can purchase the brand you wish for.

There are no distinctions as such between Generic RU486 and Mifepristone apart from the medication brand and name. Otherwise, both the pills come at 200mg strength. You need to take it orally with water on day 1. And then after 24 to 48 hours, continue with Misoprostol or Cytolog pills buccally or vaginally. Misoprostol expels the pregnancy portions from the womb by causing contractions in the womb. It widens the cervix and begins heavy vaginal bleeding for this purpose.

What Are the Effects of Generic RU486 Pill?

The dosage of Generic RU486 and Mifepristone (be it any) is restricted to one pill. But Misoprostol pills are 4 x 200mcg. And the number of pills for this product can increase as the pregnancy duration increases. The majority of symptoms of medical abortion are visible after the use of the secondary medicine, which is a prostaglandin E1 analog. But sometimes, spotting and light bleeding may occur after intake of Mifepristone. You can easily buy Generic RU486 online if Mifepristone is not available, or if it is your preference for the product.

The abortion pills may lead to cramps because of uterine contractions. The contractions are constant till the uterus empties. Thus, pregnancy termination can involve pain in the abdomen for a short interval. And few side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, etc. But you can manage these with other medicines that your physician refers to. Also, focus on your diet, get rest and sufficient sleep, and stay hydrated to be fit.

How Successful is the Abortion Pill Process?

Most of the time, the abortion pill procedure is a success. The combined treatment of Generic RU486 (Mifepristone) and Misoprostol has an efficacy rate of 97-99%. In case of incomplete abortion in rare cases, you need to immediately consult your physician for an invasive procedure to empty the fetus. In some events, the healthcare provider may ask you to take an additional dosage of pills to get the pregnancy sections removed from your system.

It is normal to have mixed emotions about ending your pregnancy. And sometimes people may turn away from ending the pregnancy and choose to continue it instead. But there is no surety if the pregnancy will continue healthily thereafter. So, let us study abortion pill reversal and whether can you undo the effects of Mifepristone or Generic RU486 medication or not.

Is it Possible to Reverse the Effects of Mifepristone?

Some platforms offer additional progesterone therapy to fulfill the lack of progesterone created by the Generic RU486 pill. However, the success ratio is quite low, and if the pregnancy does not end, but advances, it is more of a hassle. Because it means you have already crossed the window period of taking Misoprostol pills. The secondary medicine should be taken within 24 to 48 hours of using Mifepristone. Also, the impact on physical and emotional health is immeasurable.

There is a long process of validating the pregnancy (if there is a heartbeat), and other tests to confirm if the reversal technique is applicable. And thereafter the doses of progesterone hormone begin. But in this duration, if pregnancy portions already pass out from the uterus, it means you need to invasively end the pregnancy anyways. Because it is unsafe to carry on an incomplete abortion or face consequences of profuse bleeding, continued abdomen pain, and even death.

Thus, the reversal of the Generic RU486 pill or abortion pill reversal is more like a myth than a reality that is too good to be true. So, only go ahead with pregnancy termination if you are sure about your decision. Mifepristone and Generic RU486 are both efficient but use them carefully per your physician’s instructions.

Final Thoughts

Choose any of the pills – Generic RU486 or Mifepristone, you can end a pregnancy if the location of the pregnancy is inside the uterus and the gestational age is within 9 weeks. The medications are available at any of the trusted women’s healthcare store that has products for pregnancy termination.

Sunday, 19 February 2023

Success Story of Misoprostol Medication in Early Abortion

For decades, women have been using medicines to manage unplanned pregnancies and opting for medical abortion. One of the pills that you can blindly depend on to terminate a pregnancy is Misoprostol. It is a prostaglandin E1 analog and performs several functions to finally empty the uterus. The benefit is, you can use the Misoprostol pill alone to end a pregnancy, or in combination with Mifepristone (the latter is more effective).

As a versatile pharmaceutical product, it has other uses for treating stomach ulcers, softening the cervix during childbirth, inducing labor, or causing a miscarriage if no heartbeat is detected in the fetus.

What is the Right Amount of Abortion Pills to Use?

If you solely consider pregnancy termination, then you can buy abortion pills online for a step-by-step preparation and expelling of the products of pregnancy from the womb

  • If taking Mifepristone alone, take the anti-progesterone 200mg on day 1 orally with water. Wait for 24 to 48 hours, to begin with, Misoprostol 200mcg x 4 pills.
  • If you are less than 6 weeks pregnant, then 4 pills are sufficient. But if the pregnancy is between 6 and 9 weeks, then you will require in total 8 to 12 pills of Misoprostol.

How to Take Misoprostol Pills?

Now, exactly how do you administer Misoprostol pills? Do you take it orally like Mifepristone? No, you have to either utilize the medicine buccally or vaginally. Buccal mode is preferable if you are using more than 4 pills.

  • Place 2 pills each in either of the cheek pockets. Do not move your mouth much by talking, as the medicine has to melt over 30 minutes. Only then you can orally consume the leftover contents just like that or with a sip of water.
  • Or, you can put in a pill one after the other with clean fingers inside your vagina. The medicine will dissolve in the vaginal cavity for half an hour wherein you need to rest. The uterus directly absorbs the medicine inside it.
  • If 8 to 12 pills are used, then take 4 pills together at once and give 3 hours before buccally administering the next group of 4 pills, and so on.

Who Can or Must Not Get Medical Abortion?

While Misoprostol is highly effective and can end a pregnancy single-handedly, there are conditions to who can and cannot go through a medical abortion. Here is a checklist for it:

  • You can only take the medicine if the pregnancy is within 9 weeks of gestation. Anything beyond this fits the profile of the invasive treatment.
  • Similarly, medical abortion is not for those with an ectopic pregnancy. If the implantation has not occurred in the uterus but outside, it is not safe for you to choose the medication method.
  • If you are allergic to abortion pills, then do not buy Misoprostol online, the same extends to those with long-term corticosteroid treatment, on blood thinners, inherited porphyria, or chronic adrenal failure.
  • The medicine is also not advised for women over 35 years of age who smoke more than 10 cigarettes daily.
  • People with liver/heart/kidney disease, bleeding disorders, sexual infections, and the birth control device not removed, must not undertake medical abortion without consulting a physician and getting necessary treatment.

What Can You Expect from Misoprostol Medicine?

After using Misoprostol pills, you will experience abortion symptoms. You can manage the effects by following certain precautions. Some of the outcomes are inevitable while side effects may not impact everyone at the same intensity. Here is what happens during medical abortion with prostaglandins.

  • You will experience abdomen pain because of cramps that take place from uterine interactions. It will also lead to heavy vaginal bleeding to oust the pregnancy portions from the uterus and vagina.
  • The cervix numbs, softens, and widens to make it simpler for the womb contents to pass through the body, and outside. Use only large sanitary napkins for the bleeding and avoid menstrual cups and tampons.
  • For some, effects such as vomiting, nausea, headache, dizziness, tiredness, and gastric troubles like diarrhoea or constipation may result in discomfort.
  • But you can take medicines to cope with these temporary side effects. For instance, antiemetic pills are good for vomiting and nausea. At the same time, drinking a sufficient amount of water or liquids (not alcohol) like coconut water and fruit juice can refill the water content lost due to diarrhoea
  • You may use a hot water bag or heating pad to ease the abdomen pain. Or, a pain relief medicine before you take Misoprostol can also assist in dire times.

Final Thoughts

Misoprostol can completely end your pregnancy if it is in the first trimester. Follow the usage guidelines and know what may happen on taking the medicine to prepare for abortion better. This is what the success story or rather facts are behind this important medication, which is the need of the day for every woman wanting an in-home pregnancy termination.

Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Truth Behind Mifepristone Shedding the Endometrial Lining for Abortion

Medication pregnancy termination is a non-invasive healthcare process. It is undoubtedly safe for women who are pregnant up to 9 weeks of gestation. A combination of medicine helps to end the pregnancy, with an efficacy rate of 95-99% on taking Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills. While most of us are aware that Misoprostol pills dispel the pregnancy portions from the womb through uterine contractions, not many understand the concept behind the Mifepristone medication. Do remember that it is the primary pill in the procedure and plays a vital role.

In this post, we will talk about how Mifepristone abortion pills bring the pregnancy to a stop by shedding the uterine lining.

What is Endometrial Lining in the Uterus?

The endometrial lining is basically a coating in the uterus. Here is the purpose of it and the function to expect:

  • For a woman, the release of an egg from the ovaries every month is a part of the expected menstrual cycle. In this time, it thickens so as to prepare for the implantation of an embryo. The fertilized egg attaches to the uterus wall, leading to a pregnancy.
  •  But if the egg does not fertilize, the endometrial lining exits the body by shedding. This causes menstrual bleeding.
  •  If the endometrial is less than 7mm, then it cannot hold a fertilized egg. In such a case, even after implantation, natural miscarriage may occur.
  •  Or, the woman may encounter fertility issues. Now you understand that the thickness of endometrial lining and its presence are required for the pregnancy to stay stable.
  •  The uterine lining after all aids in the sustenance of the embryo and offers nourishment to it to let the pregnancy advance further.

Is Endometrial Lining Necessary to Keep a Pregnancy Going?

A group of cells forms the endometrial lining that is based inside the uterus. It is essential for an intrauterine pregnancy and exists in the first trimester. As the pregnancy moves to the second trimester, it is replaced by the placenta. But until then, the uterine lining prevents the detachment of the fertilized egg from the womb. If you menstruate every month, it means the thickened endometrium does not find the egg to implant and sheds to cause a period.

Once you conceive, progesterone hormone increases in the body to keep the endometrial lining intact. The uterine lining has two layers. And these layers are visible in the uterus scan by an ultrasound. There is a functional layer that breaks during menstruation. Then a permanent basal layer also exists. A healthy endometrial lining creates a welcoming environment at the time of ovulation.

So, if you get pregnant, the endometrium does not permit the uterus wall to stick together. Rather, the lining reacts to estrogen and progesterone hormones and gets thicker. After pregnancy, the endometrial develops connections with the placenta. It gives a rich blood supply so that the fetus receives nutrients and other necessities to stay implanted and grow.

Why is a Thick Uterine Lining Important for a Pregnancy?

The uterine wall has a layer of the mucus membrane, and endometrium to let a pregnancy last. The thickness of the second layer of the uterine lining is crucial, which is about 1mm in the womb. But when ovulation begins, new functional layers are formed due to the development of cells. It helps the endometrial lining to get thicker and accept a fertilized egg for implantation. For a pregnancy to survive, the thickness of the layer should be between 8 and 15mm. The thickness of the endometrial varies from one female to another.

How Does Mifepristone Break the Endometrial Lining?

We ran into a detailed explanation about what endometrial lining is and its requirement for a pregnancy to keep going. However, when you want to terminate a pregnancy, the procedure is all about reversing the existence of the uterine wall, so that the implantation cannot stay. Here is where the abortion pill steps in:

  • The Mifepristone pill is efficient to undo the chances of being pregnant by shedding the endometrial lining. It does so by creating a lack of progesterone hormone supply.
  • As the progesterone hormone is needed to form the cells of the uterine lining, the less amount available results in the breaking of the endometrium.
  • The anti-pregnancy hormone action lets the embryo and pregnancy tissues come away from the uterus wall. The pregnancy does not develop anymore. And due to the pregnancy portions remaining in the womb, the expulsion of these is induced by Misoprostol pills.

Final Words

Mifepristone is a potent medication to bring an unexpected pregnancy to end. It sheds the endometrial lining to help with pregnancy termination. By understanding the function of the uterine lining and why it is necessary to get it broken during an abortion, you now know the importance of the anti-progesterone pill.

Tuesday, 24 January 2023

How does Mifepristone pill work to block Progesterone hormone

Mifepristone is an abortion pill that stops the production of progesterone hormone for the time being. This causes the endometrial lining to break. Once this lining sheds, the attached embryo and pregnancy sections come off from the uterus wall. Thus, the pregnancy also experiences a permanent halt, due to which, the pregnancy cannot continue to advance. You need to take the Mifepristone pill 200 mg orally with water on day 1. It cannot alone expel the pregnancy portions out of the womb.

You have to use the anti-progesterone abortion medication with prostaglandin E1 analog pills known as Misoprostol. You will require 200mcg x 4 pills to be taken 24 to 48 hours after Mifepristone or Mifeprex intake. The anti-progesterone medicine is also available as Generic RU486. If utilising buccally, place the Misoprostol pills in both cheek pouches or under the tongue so they dissolve before intake of the melted contents orally.

If utilising Misoprostol vaginally, put the pills in the vagina and lay down for half an hour. The dissolved medicine will get absorbed in the uterus. Mifepristone may not cause any bleeding or side effects. But after the use of the secondary abortion pills, you can expect heavy bleeding to begin within 2 to 4 hours.

Effects of Mifepristone and Other Abortion Pills

Mifepristone prepares you for an abortion by ending the pregnancy. But the conception parts remain in the uterus itself until labor is induced by medicine to empty the uterus. Misoprostol leads to uterine contractions and helps to remove the products of conception from the womb. It is accompanied by cramps giving rise to pain in the abdomen, waist, back, legs, and elsewhere. The pill also widens the cervix for assisting in the exit of the pregnancy portions from the womb.

Avoid heavy exercise, physical activity, and stress during pregnancy termination. You can manage the temporary side effects with medicine and care. Use large sanitary pads for the bleeding. Do not insert menstrual cups or tampons. Take anti-emetic medicine for nausea and vomiting. Drink lots of water if you have diarrhoea. In case of dizziness, rest well and do not move about much to avoid tripping anywhere. Stay in bed and the comfort of your privacy.

How Does Progesterone Hormone Help a Pregnancy?

Now that you understand that the anti-progesterone medication – Mifepristone is vital in abortion, you must also be curious about the function of the progesterone hormone and how it sustains a pregnancy. We will explain the facts right here:

  • Progesterone is a hormone that the placenta, ovaries, and adrenal glands naturally produce during pregnancy. It assists in the implantation of the fertilized egg. So, the embryo stays attached to the uterus wall to keep the pregnancy ongoing in the presence of progesterone.
  • You must have heard about progesterone treatments for fertility and medicines for those with problems during pregnancy. But anti-progesterone pills do the opposite. For instance, Mifepristone restricts the hormone so that the uterus wall detaches the embryo from it.
  • The hormone progesterone is produced in early pregnancy by the Corpus Luteum. This ovarian follicle keeps the progesterone in existence in the first trimester, after which the level of the hormone starts to reduce as the placenta takes over.
  • The pregnancy hormone creates a well-balanced environment for the ovaries and the uterus to relax the muscles and aid the immune system to not combat the DNA. As a result, the pregnancy thrives and transcends to the second trimester.
  • The progesterone hormone also causes the luteal phase to start and then thickens the uterus lining to receive the embryo and keep it secured in the endometrial. It thus aids in the growth of the fetus as the pregnancy advances ahead.

But the Mifepristone abortion pill is effective only in the first trimester. It works against progesterone, while Misoprostol creates natural miscarriage-like conditions. This is the reason why medical pregnancy termination is effective only for intrauterine pregnancies that too within 9 weeks of gestation. Thus, you can use the medicines at home by following the advice of your healthcare provider and experience a complete end to your unplanned pregnancy without troubles.

To Conclude

Our body works in ways that science can only explain. And some functions are too complicated to understand, and this is where we step in to decode what keeps the pregnancy going through progesterone hormone, and how the abortion pill, Mifepristone safely terminates it with the assistance of another medication, Misoprostol or Cytolog.

Thursday, 19 January 2023

Medical Abortion, Why Women May or May Not Choose It?

Medical abortion is sometimes misunderstood to be unsafe or not that effective to end a pregnancy. However, this is untrue. In fact, more than half of all unplanned pregnancies in the early stages are terminated through abortion pills, not just in the United States, but worldwide. But fewer women may use it due to not being able to understand how the medicine works, or the advantages it has over a surgical pregnancy termination. In this post, we will talk about why women may get hesitant in trusting the medication method, and simultaneously discuss why they also prefer the medicine for unintended pregnancy.

1.      Travel Involved

Most women want a feasible pregnancy termination that can happen without the troubles of traveling for long. So, they find abortion with pills more acceptable. You can use the medicines in a private setting at home. You do not have to travel to a clinic or any pharmacy. You can even obtain the medication by ordering abortion pills online on a prescription. The medicine will arrive at your doorstep within the promised duration. But when it comes to invasive procedures, you need to step out even if the care center is nearby.

2.      The Symptoms and Side Effects

The acceptability of medical abortion is influenced by its symptoms and side effects. You may encounter some abdominal men from uterine contractions caused by Misoprostol medication. It widens the cervix to help dispel the products of conception out of the womb. Heavy vaginal bleeding disperses the pregnancy portions as well. Some of the expected side effects are nausea, diarrhea, headache, tiredness, dizziness, etc. But these are temporary.

3.  Time Taken for Termination

The whole procedure can take anywhere between 24 and 72 hours. This is a natural expectation. The duration for medical abortion depends on how further along you are in pregnancy. If the pregnancy age is lower, then the pregnancy ends sooner, and vice-versa. Thus, try to take the medicine as early as possible in the first trimester to get the quickest outcome. An invasive process may take half an hour or so. Thus, many may want to use this method instead. But it also comes with its own set of cons.

4.      Need for Follow-up

A point of contention is the need for follow-up after the pregnancy termination pill course. You should get it done after 2 weeks of Mifepristone intake. An abdomen ultrasound scan will confirm whether the womb has emptied out completely or not. Taking this precautionary step is important to avoid potential issues from the rare possibility of incomplete abortion. But this is much better than multiple clinic visits in case of surgical abortion. This is why many women choose medical abortion instead.

5.  Bleeding from Abortion Pills

Until the uterus empties, heavy vaginal bleeding follows. The bleeding is a bit lesser in surgical abortion, yet it is not completely absent. The bleeding however reduces after the womb is relieved of all the products of conception. Expect the light bleeding to last for 4 to 8 weeks depending on the gestation age. For some, bleeding is the reason why they may not prefer to end a pregnancy, especially through pills. However, the symptom is just like a natural miscarriage and there is no harm in it. But now everyone is aware of the fact.

6.  Risk of Incomplete Abortion

If the uterus contains any leftover pregnancy portions, then it is an incomplete abortion. The risk of the same is rare as Mifepristone and Misoprostol have a success rate of 97-99%. But in case of such an incident, the pregnancy has to be ended at a clinic, surgically. Women who fear this consequence may be skeptical about medical abortion. However, there is some amount of risk always involved in any medical procedure.

7.  Cannot Use it for Advanced Pregnancy

If the pregnancy is over 9 weeks of gestation, then abortion pills may not work. For such a pregnancy, invasive termination is the only option. Dilation and evacuation or dilation and curettage are the two methods available for pregnancies beyond 9 weeks of age. So, those in the advanced pregnancy stage may not opt for medical abortion due to obvious reasons. However, being careful and noticing early pregnancy signs can help you take the step to terminate early with pills.

To Conclude

Abortion with pills is beneficial for women in early pregnancy. But fewer women may use it due to a lack of awareness about the procedure and how efficiently the pill works.

Friday, 6 January 2023

Studying Cervical Dilation in Surgical and Medical Abortion

The neck of the womb or cervix needs dilation when preparing for an abortion. Now, you can either choose medical abortion or surgical abortion. For a pregnancy less than 9 weeks, abortion pills are a conducive alternative to invasive treatment of unexpected pregnancy. The latter is performed at a clinic by professionals.

It requires check-in to the clinic a few hours in advance so that the cervix can be softened to help with the procedure. Medicines as well as instrument-based dilators are available to widen the cervix. Let us understand the cervical dilation process in medical and surgical pregnancy termination.

Which Cervical Dilation Method Suffices for Medical Abortion?

When using abortion pills, keep in mind that the effective procedure is all about taking the combination of Mifepristone 200mg and Misoprostol 200mcg x 4 pills. Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone that does away with the advancement of pregnancy. It suppresses the pregnancy hormone progesterone to unlock the embryo from the uterus wall by breaking the endometrial lining. But that is the only job done, the rest happens after the administration of Misoprostol pills.

  • The cervical dilation and softening occur after taking Misoprostol vaginally. Place a pill one after the other inside the womb and it will gradually relax and widen the cervix.

  • The pills will melt over half an hour as you rest and get inside the uterus to cause contractions. Then heavy vaginal bleeding takes place to flush out the pregnancy contents.

  • You can also take the medicine buccally by placing the pills under the tongue or both cheek pouches for 30 minutes. The pills dissolve and you intake the remains orally with a sip of water.

  • You do not need anesthesia or hospitalization. Instead, take the pills at home by following the prescription and experience a spontaneous emptying of the uterus within a few hours of using Misoprostol medication.

  • The benefit here is that you do not require any instrument for cervical dilation as medicines will do that for you. Thus, there is a lower risk of infection and no injury to internal organs. This is why several women prefer to use MTP Kit medicines than surgical abortion for pregnancy termination.

More about Surgical Abortion and Cervical Widening

Here, we will take you through two types of surgical abortion procedures, and how the cervix is widened in the same.

1.  Dilation and Evacuation

You may have to spend the whole day in the clinic. Or remain under observation for a few crucial hours. Nonetheless, cervical preparation is necessary. This method is valid from 14 to 24 weeks of gestation. If you are less than 18 weeks pregnant, then conscious sedation or general anesthesia is provided. If you are over 18 weeks, then general anesthesia is used. The surgeon uses suction equipment and instruments to remove the products of conception.

Widening of the cervix occurs a day before or on the day of the surgery. If it happens on the surgery day, then it may take at least 3 hours to numb and soften the cervix. After reaching the clinic and running through formalities, you will go to the treatment area. Then you will lie down on a bed where supports are provided for the legs. Sedation or anesthesia is given before the procedure begins.

The surgeon will perform a check-up of the vagina and insert a speculum in it. Then he will open and stretch the cervix with the assistance of dilators (rod-like structures). Gentle suction is applied to remove the pregnancy portions into the equipment. Additional instruments may be necessary. The procedure lasts for 10-20 minutes. After the pregnancy termination, you will be monitored for a few hours before discharge.

2.  Dilation and Curettage

D&C or Dilation and Curettage is another method to remove the pregnancy sections from the womb. Here, the surgeon uses a small instrument to open and dilate the cervix. Then, the utilization of a curette (a suction device or sharp instruments) assists to take out the pregnancy tissues, the embryo, the sac, and the remains from the uterus. On the exam table, stirrups will secure your heels so that the surgeon can examine the vagina and put a speculum inside.

Anesthesia is given depending on how further you are into pregnancy and your health. After finding the cervix, he will insert thick rods in the cervix. It will allow for cervical dilation until the part expands sufficiently to continue with the process. The dilator is thinner during insertion but gets thicker with time to open up the cervix better. On removal of the dilation rods, the surgeon will place a sharp-edged instrument (usually spoon-shaped) or a suction device to disengage/collect the uterine tissue and pregnancy sections.

Final Thoughts

For medical abortion, Misoprostol pills are used to dilate the cervix. While in surgical abortion, Misoprostol or dilator rods help with the same. Preparing the cervix for the non-invasive or invasive procedure does consume a few hours. But it eases the pregnancy termination procedure by softening the cervix enough that it is simpler to empty the uterus of all the pregnancy portions.

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